Parents Group

Reframe and Regulate

A four week group which is for parents of school aged children who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and/or attention, deficit hyperactivity disorder. Or alternatively parents who consider their child to be neurodivergent (with or without a diagnosis). The content is definitely not diagnosis dependant!

What does it involve?

x1 Live group session delivering weekly content, followed by a discussion and an opportunity to ask questions.

x4 Workbooks, one delivered weekly direct to your email address, creating an opportunity for personal reflection and development.

What can I expect?

- The sessions address behaviours in a compassionate and informed way, grounded in neuroscience and honouring neurodiversity

- A strength based approach rather than compliance based strategies

- Provides direction and explores mindset, while sharing theory and strategies to support daily function and positive relationships

- Attendance at the group aims to empower parents to empower their children


"Perception and understanding changes our response."

I strive to create a safe, positive, nurturing, and supportive space for parents.






Week One  - Deficits to differences

Reframing deficits to differences - An introduction to the neurodiversity paradigm; thinking about the language we use and the lens we view the world through.  We place value on individual perspective and focus on the strengths and interests of the young person. We explore ways to increase an individuals sense of safety, as safety is the foundation to growth and development.

Week Two- Behaviour management to emotional regulation

Reframing behaviour management to emotional regulation - Understanding that behaviour can be viewed as a communication, a means to self sooth and/or a survival response. We introduction the eight senses and consider their role in supporting emotional regulation, or in some situations causing dysregulation. We will start to explore and develop a toolbox of strategies and ideas to support your child or young person with emotional regulation.

Week Three- React to respond

We will think together about the role of the parent/carer in supporting emotional regulation. We will explore the concept of co- regulation and consider activities that are individualised to meet the child's needs, which will strengthen relationships and aid calming.


With the right knowledge, we can take the time to respond rather than react.

Week Four- Critical to curious

We will focus on ways and means to support the child and young person to understand themselves and encourage them to embrace their identity in a positive way. We will learn to be curious to the young persons experience and validate this, while sharing perspective and supporting the vision of future possibilities.

Investment: £195

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