Family Services

At the heart of everything I do is a personal goal to be the very best therapist I can be - to 'connect' with families and offer what I hope will be the start of life-changing support and direction at their time of need.

Family Focused Reflective Session

This service may suit families looking for quick access to a reflective space to help find ways to support their child’s development or mental health that have been caused by high levels of anxiety, behavioural or relationship difficulties.


The short sessions aim to be efficient, effective and practical – they are solution focused and hope to provide immediate activity-based strategies and signposting. It is a 'check in' rather than a full assessment, and advice is given based solely on the information shared with me before and during the meeting. 


In advance of our time together, I ask you to share the background to the situation and outline those areas where you want to focus most. I will come to our meeting armed with specific ideas and an action plan to ensure we make the best use of time.


This session is for brainstorming and mentoring and intended to point you towards resources that you, or your child, may benefit from exploring further. My aim is that you will leave with a sense of direction.


The Family Focused Reflective Sessions can be used whenever you need them. As a one-off for something very specific, or perhaps in response to expected challenges relating to the stages of child development.

The cost of this session is £120

Assessment and Individual Therapy

I recognise that therapeutic connection, consistency and collaboration are pivotal for successful therapeutic outcomes. Attuned and bespoke support follows a period of assessment.


Assessment involves working directly with the young person or indirectly with parents and carers, or ideally a combination of both.

Initial assessment typically involves 4/6 sessions. I aim to develop a therapeutic relationship while getting to know and gaining perspective of the individual/families needs and hopes. I do this while considering the young persons motivation, routines and the skills required for daily tasks, as well as how they participate and engage within their environment, in both the social and physical context. I analyse how these components interact and influence the individual, their relationships and participation and functioning.


Assessment tools are both standardised and non-standardised. Feedback and advice can be given verbally and/or in written form. Assessment of a young people is typically play/activity based. 

Blocks of tailored intervention can follow assessment. Intervention is also typically delivered in blocks of 4-6 session and will have a clear focus. 

Individual sessions are £90 - this allows for pre-session prep, 1hr direct contact, post session write up and reflection.

Learning Hub

I have always found it incredibly rewarding to develop material which helps parents and professionals to better understand the specific needs of the children or young people they are supporting.


COMING SOON  - I am in the process of developing several online packages. I would also like to deliver webinars, helping to empower parents and professionals by sharing knowledge and skills, helping them to understand and reframe behaviours. 

How can I help you free of charge:

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