Coming Soon....

I have always found it incredibly rewarding to develop material which helps parents and professionals to better understand the specific needs of the children or young people that they are supporting.


COMING SOON  - I am in the process of developing several online packages. I would also like to deliver webinars, helping to empower parents and professionals by sharing knowledge and skills, helping them to understand and reframe behaviours. 

Examples of potential topics:

  • The power of play

  • The shift from behaviour management to emotional regulation

  • Supporting an anxious child with day to day activities

  • Reframing ASD as we know it, exploring neurodivergence

  • Supporting emotional regulation through the senses

  • Interoception – Emotions and Feelings from the inside out

  • Trauma informed activity focused input

How can I help you now:

Follow me on social media and read my blog. 


Comment on the articles I post and do express an interest in attending a specific webinar or a potential training opportunity. 


Please also contact me if you would like me to write about something in particular.

I would love to hear from you.