I am an HCPC registered occupational therapist with over fifteen years experience working in child and adolescent mental health services.

I am based in East Lothian, Scotland.

Passionate about supporting individuals and their families, I strive to deliver high quality, timely and evidence-informed care.


I particularly enjoy working with parents, carers and professionals to understand the needs of an individual. I have a special interest in neuro-diversity and the impact of stress, adversity,

and trauma.

On a personal level, the experience of raising two young children allows me to be both intuitive and authentic in my work. 


How can occupational therapy help children and young people?

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The goal of occupational therapy is to use purposeful, motivating, and meaningful activity to maximise a person’s potential and life satisfaction, with the focus on daily function.


Occupational Therapists can offer support for a range of needs including:


Functional difficulties  - Eating, sleeping and self care

Emotional regulation - Anger, anxiety,  irritability, outbursts and upset

Social difficulties - Aggression, poor friendships, poor play skills

Academic challenges - Attention and concentration, organisation and managing the environment 

Sensory needs - sensitivity to certain sensory experiences and their role in emotional regulation


Occupational Therapists are skilled at attuning to the needs of the individual and coming up with practical strategies to manage daily challenges within the home, school/work place and wider community. Input almost always focuses on the doing, an alternative to talking therapy.



Whilst advice and intervention will vary by individual, some of the key ways I can help include:

  • Consider daily routines and their potential to support or inhibit function.

  • Support emotional regulation and self regulation- which is the ability to respond to the ongoing demands of an experience and express and manage emotions appropriately.​​


  • Support parents and carers to reflect on relationships and to think more about the process of supporting children to learn and regulate their emotions, which is known as co-regulation.

  • Increase activity levels, focusing on an individuals interests and their social and emotional needs.

  • Environmental considerations/adaptations to support function, considering the physical, social and sensory demands.

  • Support social skills; communication, sharing, turn taking, waiting and participating in groups

  • Support cognitive skills; attention and concentration, planning, organisation and problem solving.




support for professionals  

It's so important to recognise and value multidisciplinary working and the unique skillset each professional can offer.


I provide an occupational focused perspective and strive to develop warm, trusting and respectful relationships which allows ongoing reflection and personal development.

Support for families

I am a child-led, family focused clinician helping children overcome challenges so they can start to thrive in everyday activities.

I am passionate about child development and I aspire to share knowledge and skills to empower parents.

Watch this space......